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Your Organisation's Personal "Chat-GPT"

Connect your files and let your bot generate reliable answers based on them. Instantly answered questions with confidence for all.

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What is Personified?

Personified is a LLM powered chatbot-as-a-service. The chatbot extracts knowledge from files and data so it can provide reliable and precise answers to questions when asked. 

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Find Answers Hidden In Your Knowledge With A Message 

People expect instant answers to their questions so they can efficiently carry out their tasks. Often, not knowing where to find the information or who to ask leads to wasted time spent searching for answers instead of using the information to complete their work.

The Personified Chatbot extracts reliable answers from your connected knowledge and delivers precise, human-like responses.

Language Agnostic.
No Translations Needed.

Imagine the possibilities when a world of information, regardless of the language it was documented in is available. 

Powered by incredible breakthroughs in LLMs, users receive responses to their questions in the language they write them in. Eliminating the need for translations and providing global teams with a superpower.

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More than a chatbot. A powerful assistant

Our chatbot's advanced language understanding capabilities enable it to understand natural language requests and respond in helpful ways. This allows employees to save time, increase productivity, and focus on the most important aspects of their job.

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Upload files to Personified and add your Chatbot to Slack. Your employees can DM your bot questions or ask questions with '@Personified' command for the right answer.

Let Personified help you stop wasting time looking for answers.


Your privacy matters.

We assure our customers that we do not share their messages or stored data with anyone. Their data is not used to improve our models. We have and continue to establish strict policies that ensure that all data is kept securely.

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