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The AI Powered Chatbot for your whole company

Let your employees spend less time asking repeat questions and searching for essential information.
Just ask Personified.

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Trusted by 100+ Organisations which include, 

Empower your organisation with easy access to valuable information

With natural language search via AI chatbot, integrations with your internal communications tools, and available Chatbot APIs, sharing your organisation's critical knowledge and expertise with those who need it, when they need it, is easy.


Eliminate costly interruptions throughout your entire organisation

Personified delivers the answers your employees need to be supported in their work, every day (without having to wait around for responses from anyone).

Stay in the flow. That's where the magic happens

People do their best work when they're deep in the flow. With a smart Slack integration, web based chatbot and more, your people don't have to get out of the zone to find what they need.


Reduce ramp up time. 

Reduce repeat questions.

Increase productivity.

Getting started super fast with a company wide AI chatbot
Connect your data and let your bot generate reliable answers from the content, including product FAQs, support processes, canned responses, tech stack tips and more. 

Your organisations personal "Chat-GPT"

See how different organisations are putting Personified to work to create powerful knowledge filled chatbots. It's your organisation personified. 😉  


Human Resources




Customer Support


Company Wide

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