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Grow sales with Personalised
Emails Powered by AI 

Generate email marketing content for each customer.



of consumers expect companies to deliver personalisation


increase in Average Order Value when high personalisation is present.


of consumers say they are more likely to become repeat buyers after personalised experiences 

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Our AI generates thousands of marketing copy variations that are optimised for the preferences and personality of each of your customers. Boost the ROI of email marketing with the certainty of data driven personalisation.

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Connect customer purchase data to extract customer personalities

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Generate variations of copies for different customer profiles

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Customer views approval dashboard, provides feedback, approves content

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Personalised email campaign launched at scale to each customers 

Save time by making personalised emails as easy as clicking approve

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Personified allows you to create, send, track and analyse the results of your campaigns in one place. Experience peace of mind around your emails.

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Use Cross Data Enrichment to Improve Your Results

Data is the lifeblood of your ability to understand your customers. Access customers data in other selected industries to influence the accuracy and reliability of your personalisation results. 

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