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Custom Chat GPT with your files

Upload files and webpages. Let your bot generate reliable answers using your content. Share your bots anywhere.

Start Free. Upgrade later.

Trusted in 100+ Innovative Organisations


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We upload Alphabets Q4 Earnings Report and ask questions about it. 

What is Personified?

Personified is a LLM powered chatbot-as-a-service. The chatbot extracts knowledge from your files and data so it can provide reliable and precise answers to your questions when asked, without the search.

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Get the answer with a simple message to your ChatGPT

The Personified Chatbot extracts reliable answers from your connected knowledge and delivers precise, human-like responses based on their content. You'll never have to search for the answer again. 


Language Agnostic.
No Translations Needed.

Imagine the possibilities when a world of information, regardless of the original language you have it stored in, is available through your AI chatbot.

Powered by incredible breakthroughs in LLMs.

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More than a chatbot. A powerful assistant

Our chatbot's advanced language understanding capabilities enable it to understand natural language requests and respond in helpful ways. Save time, increase productivity, and learn new things with Personified.

Save time. 

Become more organised.

Meet Personified.

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