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What are Personified tokens? 

Personified tokens are a form of currency that customers can purchase in order to interact with their chatbots. These tokens are used up as the customer sends messages and receives responses from their bot. The amount of tokens depleted depends on the length and complexity of the message response, as well as the context required to answer the question. While the exact number of tokens used per message may vary slightly, Personified provides an estimated range of the number of responses a customer can expect to receive for a given amount of tokens. This allows customers to better understand how many interactions they can have with their chatbot based on their token balance. Tokens reset on a monthly basis. 

What is my word balance? 

When customers upload files to Personified, the text within that content is used to train their chatbot model. The amount of content that can be used to train the bot varies based on the subscription plan chosen by the customer. Having access to a higher word count allows customers to upload more files and train their chatbot with a larger amount of data, which can lead to a more effective bot. It is important to choose a plan that fits the needs of the customer's chatbot project, as having access to a larger word count can greatly improve the effectiveness of the chatbot's responses. Your word balance does not reset on a monthly basis. 

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