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Let Personified become your marketing superpower.

Upload assets and let your AI Chatbot use the content to answer your marketing questions and generate compelling content with your brands context.


Trusted by 100+ Organisations which include, 

An AI Chatbot with the context it needs to write great stories

Every Personified Chatbot is different due to the different information sources they are powered by. Using the information you upload, Personified extracts your knowledge to answer questions and generate content like an expert on your team.

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Alignment to take your product launch game to the next level

Let team members extract relevant, timely knowledge from your chatbot with simple questions. Answers are based on the content in your connected files. Keep marketing aligned throughout your organisation.

Stay ahead of competition, work faster 

Harness the natural language processing capabilities of Personified to help your employees understand complex marketing concepts more easily and generate new ideas from your content. Available wherever you are.


Get content out quicker.

Increase team alignment. 

Reduce time searching.

Getting started super fast with a company wide AI chatbot
Connect your data and let your bot generate reliable answers from the content, including product FAQs, support processes, canned responses, tech stack tips and more. 

Your organisations personal "Chat-GPT"

See how different organisations are putting Personified to work to create powerful knowledge filled chatbots. It's your organisation personified. 😉  


Human Resources




Customer Support


Company Wide

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