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Answer queries 24/7 with a customer support AI chatbot

Empower Your Customers with AI-Powered Support.
Enhance their experience by providing instant, accurate answers to their queries with Personified.


Trusted by 100+ Organisations which include, 

Elevate Your Customer Support by Providing Easy Access to Essential Information

Leverage Personifieds AI-powered chatbot's natural language search to effortlessly share your organization's vital knowledge and expertise with those who require it, right when they need it.


Minimize Costs in Your Customer Support Operations 

If the answer is documented somewhere, Personified can use the knowledge to deliver a clear and concise answers to your customer before they need to be connected with a human while improving satisfaction. 

Bring Personified where you need Personified. Explore our Integrations.

Whether it's in community channels, or right on your website, deploy Personified bots with the necessary knowledge wherever you need them.


Reduce escalations. 

Answer repeat questions.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Getting started super fast with a company wide AI chatbot
Connect your data and let your bot generate reliable answers from the content, including product FAQs, support processes, canned responses, tech stack tips and more. You can different bots with different knowledge.

Your organisations personal "Chat-GPT"

See how organisations are putting Personified to work to create powerful knowledge filled chatbots. It's your organisation personified.  


Human Resources




Customer Support


Company Wide

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