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Boost efficiency with Personified. Your go-to solution for HR inquiries.

Enable employees to quickly obtain reliable answers from your AI chatbot regarding human resources topics, ranging from benefits to payroll.

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Trusted by 100+ Organisations which include, 

Every employee is unique. Repeat questions about your benefits plans are not.

From onboarding new employees to bringing existing ones up to speed on HR related questions, the Personified chatbot uses your knowledge base to deliver precise, informative answers to their questions in real time. 


Effortlessly convey policy updates with clarity and confidence.

With the ability to push messages out through your AI chatbots, you can post updates that employees can read, engage in further inquiries, and request clarifications or simplifications as needed. It's a superpower. 

Start strong. Begin with exceptional onboarding experience.

Starting a new job can be daunting. Make it easier for employees to get up to speed by making it easy access the knowledge they need to do their job every single day. 


Reduce ramp up time. 

Reduce repeat questions.

Increase productivity.

Getting started super fast with a company wide AI chatbot
Connect your data and let your bot generate reliable answers from the content, including product FAQs, support processes, canned responses, tech stack tips and more. 

Your organisations personal "Chat-GPT"

See how different organisations are putting Personified to work to create powerful knowledge filled chatbots. It's your organisation personified. 😉  


Human Resources




Customer Support


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